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Draakstraat 11
2018 - Antwerp

BTW: BE 0809.121.540

Your data will soon provide you insight

Eomer is a young and dynamic company founded in 2009 by Thomas Hontelé and Pieter Evenepoel.
Both founders have a background in Business and IT Consulting and together they have over 25 years of relevant, hands-on experience.

  • Eomer offers services in the areas of Business Intelligence and Performance Management.
    Its power lies in analyzing complex data-related problems and formulating and developing creative solutions to these.

    If you have a need or feel your data does not provide you the insight you expect, don’t hesitate to contact us for freelance support in the following domains:

    • Data-integration (from small data initiatives up to company-wide Data Warehousing)
    • Ad hoc data analysis
    • Excel & SQL
    • Open Source advocat (Talend & Jaspersoft)
    • SAP Business Objects

  • Recently, Eomer also added a first software product to its Market Offerings: clearFacts.

    clearFacts is a web application based on an innovative, generic data model and developed with Open Source software components. It brings custom, budget-friendly data solutions to companies, local governments and public institutions. For more information on clearFacts, please click through to www.clearFacts.be